all about blue sewing sessions

These super sewing sessions are simple projects to get 8-10 year olds started using a sewing machine. I will be focusing on safety, learning to sew straight, locking stitches, seams and turning through.


The weekly sessions are one hour long.  Cost is £8/£5 per session and includes a brief mid-week check-in to help with any issues and see progress.  (The lower price is for those really feeling the pinch at this tricky time) Class sizes are maximum 6.

PLEASE NOTE:- It is essential that the sewing machine is in good working order, is threaded up prior to the session and an adult should be on hand throughout for safety.

When you book for the first time, we can have a little session just getting your Zoom set up. Zoom is a free online meeting platform which you can install on phone, tablet or computer. It is great fun as you can see everyone else in the lesson and say hi to them too!

We start with:

Blue Sky Bunting

Thursday April 2nd 12 noon 

You will need:

  • Eye catching fabric for the front of the bunting triangles 

  • Plain fabric for the back of the bunting triangles 

  • String or cord to string your bunting on

  • sharp scissors and a few pins

  • Paper pattern drawn or printed out (We will email this after you have booked)

AdobeStock_291535806 (1).jpeg