all about red sewing sessions

These fun sessions are hand sewing projects for 7-10 year olds and are designed to get youngsters starting to feel comfortable with a needle, handling pins and understanding a few different sewing techniques such as running stitch, back stitch, using templates, cutting out, french knots and simple embroidery. 


The weekly sessions are divided into two x 30 mins sessions  Cost is £6/£4 for these two sessions. (The lower price is for those really feeling the pinch at this tricky time)

PLEASE NOTE:- an adult should be on hand for these to help with cutting, tangles and needle threading!

When you book for the first time, we can have a little session just getting your Zoom set up. Zoom is a free online meeting platform which you can install on phone, tablet or computer. It is great fun as you can see everyone else in the lesson and say hi to them too!

We start with:

 Felt Mermaid 

Thursday April 2nd 10am and Monday April 4th 10am

You will need:

  • Felt for the mermaid’s body

  • Fabric or felt for the mermaid’s tail – we decided to mix and match felt and fabric – If your child is just starting sewing, you could sew the fabric tail for them while they sew the felt body. Alternatively, they could make a felt tail in a contrasting colour

  • Wool for the mermaid’s hair

  • Stuffing (recycle an old pillow, cut up yarn, cotton wool also works)

  • Needle & Thread, sharp scissors and a few pins

  • Pens, felt or small beads) for the face

  • Optional sequins for the mermaid’s top

  • Paper pattern drawn or printed out (We will email this after you have booked)

Learning hand sewing skills
saj mermaid.jpg