The Roundhouse, a magnificent, detached house converted from a barn, has eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms with living area and kitchen in an ‘upside down’ arrangement to make the most of huge vaulted ceilings and views.  

We regret that this venue is not suitable for wheelchair users. For those with limited mobility, the following information may be useful.

There is parking both front and back.  Entrance at back door and front door each has 2 steps with no handrail.  Entrance at the kitchen steps has a series of steps with handrail into the property via the kitchen steps.

Entry via front door leads to hallway at bottom of stairs. The stairs is made of wood and has a wooden handrail. 

Entry via back door leads to mid stairs landing.

Entry via kitchen door leads to utility room and level to double bedroom with a bathroom which has a bath with shower over.

There are two steps with bannister between the living area and the kitchen

Please note: We have photographs available to show all these points mentioned available by email on request.